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Children Keitai

Here is some interesting data. Is a survey about Cellphone usage among children in Japan, before I read I thought that most young children, 7 to 10 years old, probably had cellphones and were, somehow, hard core users of services like mobile manga and tamagochi.
I got blown away with the result that shows that actually Japanese parents are not very fond of their children walking around with cellphones, but the ones who give a mobile to kids are mostly for safety reasons.
But why is this important? Well the survey shows also that the parent and the  children choose together the phone, making market to explore since is easy to see the reason to buy and the developing different applications to please parents and children.
Click for the full survey



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Hello Kitty Hospital

This is just a fast post, to show how frightening Hello Kitty is.

I just read in Reuters that in Taiwan there is a Hello Kitty themed maternity hospital, they hoping that the Japanese Icon would ease the stress of childbirth as well as boost business.

I believe that this is bit TOO MUCH.

Click Here for the full story

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Rocking Cellphones

Japan carries have a variety of mobile phones with accelerometers that let you play Chokkan (motion) games, send an email with a flick of your wrist, and use the phone physically to interact with applications. Recently, much has been made of using the onboard cameras to accomplish the same thing, and there are more and more cool applications coming out.
With the success of games like guitar hero Taito released Chokkan Band. The sensor on the phone detects movement, allowing anyone to use the phone as a guitar, violin, drums, or other instrument. Synched up together, you can create an entire band in perfect harmony, jamming out to songs downloaded through the service. The game is free, but songs come at a small fee.

Here is a Video from Reuters about the app
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here is the Campaign video… sad isn’t it
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Blogging in japan

I’ve already said that Japan is the biggest reading country in the world (at least in proportion to its population) here is more Data that supports my allegations.

Japanese people are the biggest blogging community, according to two surveys something between 70% to 80% of the participants read blogs at least once a week. This is significantly more compared to all other countries with just under a half (43%) in South Korea, just under a quarter in the UK (23%) and France (22%) and just over a quarter in the USA (27%).


Age and gender are strong influences on how frequently an individual is likely to read blogs in Japan. The younger the respondent, particularly the under-35 year olds, the more frequently they blog. People between 18 and 24 years old are likely to read blogs over five days per week, on average. Almost four in ten (38%) of this age group read blogs every day.


Women are equally likely as men to read blogs, but when they do, they are more frequent readers of blogs, on average, compared to Japanese men.

Blogging is also a big part in social development. In Japan, fewer people are likely to take part in any activity after reading a blog compared to any other country.

Less than 1 in 5 (18%) of people interviewed in Japan said they took some sort of action as a result of reading a blog, similar to South Korea (19%) but significantly less than respondents in UK (28%), France (27%) and the US (28%).

Among respondents who claim to have taken part in at least three (3) activities (‘Influencers’), fewer of this group (29%) were likely to do so as a result of reading a blog in Japan, compared to similar groups in other countries with 4 in 10 (41%) of Influencers interviewed in South Korea, UK (48%) and the US (49%), taking action after reading a blog. Signing petitions and attending a public meeting were the most popular activities taken part in, in Japan.

People interviewed in Japan were most likely to have signed a petition (18%) followed by attended a public meeting (9%).

To see the complete Study click HERE

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The Crisis in Japan

Ok, just a quick post.
First, Japan it’s on a major crises.
The headline on Japan Probe was: Brazilian and Chinese laborers complain about working conditions in Japan. Yesterday me and my father in law were talking how some if his friends were in big trouble, they were fired and the company quickly took their apartment, they were all Dekasegui and lived in public housing called Danchi, but now with no work some of them are living in the streets.
And the result of the survey from The Cabinet Office Japan scared the hell out of me.
I know I love Japan, and I want to go back there, but in this conditions I’ve better think my ways much better.
Here you can see the result of the survey:

Part 1

Part 2

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Porn and the Internet

In a lecture about the boom of the internet at college, the biggest subject argued were the business models and the ways to make revenue, but nobody talked about porn.

I believe that porn is responsible for at least 30% of the internet usage growth , that is a lot. Some friends of mine had some porn sites, and now they are working in big web agencies in Brazil and London, they say that the experience with porn taught them how to create web site with easy content management.

But what does this has to do with Japan? Well I believe that Japan has more fetishes than any other place in the world. In my trip to Osaka I had the opportunity to visit a Sex Shop and it was more sickening then anything I had ever seen in my life.

Just to illustrate what I say about sickening here are some pictures that Danny Choo posted in his blog… prepare yourself.

First up is Ayanami-Rei-walks-about-town fetish.

Below: Girl with wide open nostrils and mouth fetish.

Below: Girl in plaster cement fetish.

Below: Suffocation fetish.

Below: Strangulation fetish.

Below: Girl getting ready for some mummyfication fetishism.

Below: Girl Mummified!

Below: More girl in plaster/cement fetish.

Below: Real Mask fetish.

Below: Drawing on a girls face fetish.

Below: Girl getting ready to be vacuum sealed.

Below: Girl-is-Han-Solo-in-carbonite-fetish.

The diversity creates a wide range of websites that adequate its content for different publics, and for me diversity equals development

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