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Japan loves Anime and Manga

This is a fast post just too, once more, that Japanese love Anime and Manga.

Itai News has pointed out the most edited entries in Wikipedia Japan are for anime.

Here are the results:

English Wikipedia

  1. George W Bush
  2. Wikipedia
  3. America
  4. Christ
  5. 2006 Israel Lebanon war

French Wikipedia

  1. Events in 2005
  2. Events in 2004
  3. Algeria
  4. France
  5. Wikipedia

Japan Wikipedia

  1. One Piece (characters)
  2. Mai Hime
  3. One Piece
  4. Bleach
  5. Gintama


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Japanese Condom Signs

I just read this in Kirai, this are some funny bizarre condom mascots, I would love to know if this works, and what are the aspects of the communication targets. But any way is kind of fun isn’t it?


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Paying to Advertise

This is not new but vending masters Apex Corp laid out plans that will bring free or subsidized non-alcoholic drinks, here is an excerpt of the article posted in Japan Probe

“TOKYO – Thirsty Japanese will soon be able to drink coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages at a low price or even for free — as long as they watch a 30-second advertisement on the vending machines.

Vending machine operator Apex Corp. will start a service next month to turn its machines into a new medium for advertisers, who will pick up the partial or full cost of drinks.

Apex runs 35,000 vending machines across Japan that serve drinks in paper cups, generally priced at 70 to 120 yen (60 cents to one dollar) a cup.

Under the ‘MediCafe’ project, the vending machine will play an advertiser’s video for around the 30 seconds it takes to pour the drink and dispense a paper cup with an advertisement printed on it.

‘We will select the locations of vending machines which would best suit the customers targeted by advertisers,’ said an Apex company official.”


This sounds too good to be true, but a great way to do new advertising and brand development.

Oh the release was in May 2007, so probably is already working in some locations… or maybe not anymore. If anyone has more information about it tell me

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Play Muji

Here is a cool Website with a great e-commerce and branding strategy in a very creative way.

The Play Muji website is a calendar that displays a different product a day with a video of the characteristics, way of use and/or a closer look at size and shape of the product.

The coolest things is that under each video there is a link for the online store where you can purchase the product, and you can access older displays also that are archived in the website. The campaign is a great example of how a well designed website can overcome language barriers and how brand communication and e-commerce can work together smoothly.

The project was created by the Agency Tha in japan.

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Manga Rental

I just read a very interesting post about Manga rentals in Kirai.

Here is an excerpt of the article.

“In Japan you can rent manga in some places, for example in some Tsutaya shops. It is interesting the Tsutaya strategy, they showcase manga in shelves looking like DVDs. Look at the pictures, it looks like it is all full of rental DVDs but it is not, it is manga!”

The thing is I believe is good to show also how is the DVD section on Tsutaya:

Similar aren’t they?

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Advertising Media and Revenue

Now is time to talk about some advertising agencies in Japan.

But first let’s talk about advertising in Japan, in the chart below is possible to see the advertising revenue by Media:

(Joho Media Hakusho 2007)

Television is still the major media in Japan, but the world of the Internet is a challenge in this sense, because advertising on the Internet is still small, and advertising space there in most cases is cheap.

However, the Internet is growing, also as an advertising medium, and new business models are being sought. Already in 2004, the Internet surpassed radio in advertising income.

The advertising market in Japan is controlled by two major advertising agencies, Dentsu and Hakuhodo. Almost all sales of advertising space in the mass media is sold and bought through these agencies which are also the major producers of advertising contents and as well as being producers of television programs. Their relationship with television is strong, such that should the position of television change in the media markets, the advertising agencies will also experience trouble in gaining revenues.

The digitalization of television, and at this stage especially the mobile television, has brought new issues onto the table. Advertising agencies and service providers are eagerly seeking new business models to provide enough revenue in the changing environment. The biggest pressure comes to programming and to the basic question of “how to produce better programs”. Currently advertising agencies in Japan are building dramas with commercials inserted into the drama plotline or making advertisements themselves into dramas or short films. In addition, advertising with moving visual images on the Internet is developing fast.

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Cool Train Ad

Here is a great Ad teaching what not to do in the train and the stations.

Japan’s subways and trains are crowded, so transportation companies frequently hang posters to remind passengers to be considerate of others.


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