Paying to Advertise

This is not new but vending masters Apex Corp laid out plans that will bring free or subsidized non-alcoholic drinks, here is an excerpt of the article posted in Japan Probe

“TOKYO – Thirsty Japanese will soon be able to drink coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages at a low price or even for free — as long as they watch a 30-second advertisement on the vending machines.

Vending machine operator Apex Corp. will start a service next month to turn its machines into a new medium for advertisers, who will pick up the partial or full cost of drinks.

Apex runs 35,000 vending machines across Japan that serve drinks in paper cups, generally priced at 70 to 120 yen (60 cents to one dollar) a cup.

Under the ‘MediCafe’ project, the vending machine will play an advertiser’s video for around the 30 seconds it takes to pour the drink and dispense a paper cup with an advertisement printed on it.

‘We will select the locations of vending machines which would best suit the customers targeted by advertisers,’ said an Apex company official.”


This sounds too good to be true, but a great way to do new advertising and brand development.

Oh the release was in May 2007, so probably is already working in some locations… or maybe not anymore. If anyone has more information about it tell me


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