Japanese Entertaiment

I got blown away when read Convergence Culture, I’ve never seen how much entertainment and media engages in social cultural aspects. This book is one of the main reasons why I want to study new medias and Japan is a great social lab for this subject, they have great Mobile content, television shows, mangas, animes and of course Soup Operas.

In Convergence Culture there is a big chapter about spoilers, fan mailing and fan fiction, Soup Operas played a big part in all this. And I’ve longed to study about the Soap Opera culture in Japan, that I know is really big. Is has been hard to collect good material, mostly because of language limitations.

I hope someday I can write a good article about Japanese Soap Operas, in the meantime I just found a great blog about Japanese entertainment with some articles about Soap Operas, the name is Yonasu.


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