Advertise in Bento

I once read an article about new media, talking about how we should advertise using day-to-day products and items such as Coffee Cups. I’m a heavy Starbucks drinker and I always repeat to myself “Man this would make a great place to advertise” and also there are a lot of different products that can turn in to media, like Pizza Boxes, Take away Lunch Sacks, Plastic cutlery the list goes on and on.

In Japan there is a product that would make a great media, and is also seen as an art, that right Bento Boxes, there is a lot of ways to build transform the food in to images, here are some examples.

If you want to know more about bento and Bento Art take a look at Anna the Red Blog


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  1. Leave it to Japan to use lunchtime to throw ads in your face. At least they are cute ads.

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