What can Naruto Teach us about Marketing?

Yes, it is true, I’m a sort of an Otaku for some mangas and animes, and sometimes I find some really surprising information in some mangas.

I’m going to use Chapter 329 of the Naruto Manga to show some notions of marketing, it’s a conversation between Pain and the other members of Akatsuki about his plans for “global domination”.

Remember that Manga you read from right to left. And sorry for the crappy english

Marketing research always search for reasons for behaviors in determined environments to find patters in religion, ideology, demographic, beliefs, social and cultural aspects.

Internal Marketing it’s when marketers analyzes, aligns, motivates and empowers employees so that the marketing objectives can be reached and enhance consumers experience. Also Internal Marketing works that the how team can understand the true Goals of the company

So it is go to let you employers now what are you doing, how, where and when

The goal of a company are drawn to reach one main objective, and divided in smaller objectives with different actions plan.

The actions have a market background, they have a reason to be the way they are. Understanding the market is also understanding the player of the business.

The market shows us develop good products and services, and the amount of money and man power needed for it to reach the consumers needs.

Monopoly is illegal but in economical point of view is the main objective for every Marketing Strategy to be the dominant player in a product segment.

And I believe that major companies, in some ways, have already conquered the world, just like Pain is trying to do. Example – How About Microsoft, present in 90% of the world computers, the Golden Arches of McDonalds or the black gold of Coca-Cola… they work just like Akatsuki don’t they?


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