How to sell Music in Japan

The music market in Japan is fascinating.

I just read in Tokyomango (great blog by the way) that Ayumi Hamasaki is realizing her new album in a USB Drive.

I’ve read some bands doing this also, it is a great way to sell music, adding different content together with the music, like photos, videos and news.

But how do you sell music in Japan?

Well here are some pretty clever ways

1 – Mobile

Japanese people are addicted to mobile tools, so is obvious their most important music player. The Data is kind of old but below you can see the music download providers in Japan.

Japan Gold Disc Award Title Downloads, by Provider (2004)

2 – Anime

I like Japanese music, and the best way I know to find new band is trough Anime opening and closing themes. Almost in every season the producer change the titles as away to promote band, and singles.

Here is a small list of great bands in discovered with Naruto and Bleach:

Orange Range

Hearts Grow



Inoe Joe


3 – Video-Games

They is a great variety of music games in Japan. Drum, guitar, Taiko DJ ETC simulators and Dancing games are updated regularly with the latest hits, a great way to the bands interact with their fans.

This is an image of my favorite music video-game, I always play the Super Marios Bros. Theme.

4 – For last and not least: Karaoke

Karaoke culture in Japan is huge, I don’t know if its targeted more for older guys, but when I was in Japan I went twice a month to a karaoke house.

I great thing about Karaoke is that bands can let their fans learn the songs while having fun, If you sing it twice at Karaoke I will probably be singing it walking in the streets.

Karaoke is also a great example of marketing entertainment, sell products with fun and entertaining strategies.

Sorry for the crapy post… I really busy this week. But soon more news.



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4 responses to “How to sell Music in Japan

  1. bob

    You should really check out HearJapan. They are a digital music store selling to fans outside of the US. They even have some Naruto tracks:

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  3. April 30,2010

    Please advise me on to sell mobile games and comic
    stories in Japan.

    Thank You,

    David Brown

  4. records http//
    many rock with gemm

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