Video Games & Mobile Ads

Media convergence in Japan is a huge thing, and mobile phones are the main converged media. With we use the the Mobile Phones as Multiple Information Terminalsresearch from NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute we can see that Japanese people are divided in different mobile usage groups.




In the research we can also see that Japanese people consider computers and mobile phones mode indispensable media than the TV. But TV is still the most profitable media.


But with this huge growth of mobile internet access, multi functions appliances marketers and advertisers are always searching for new and creative strategies using this technologies.

Toshiba has recently released an interactive billboard in Akihabara.

Here is some information I took from Pink Tentacle:

“To promote its laptops and showcase digital signage technology capable of utilizing real-time data over the Internet, electronics giant Toshiba tested an interactive digital billboard in Tokyo last weekend that allowed YouTube users and pedestrians with mobile phones to play video games against each other.”

Here is a video of the game play :

“Played on a digital billboard above the entrance to the Yodobashi Camera superstore in Akihabara, each game involved up to six players in a 90-second race to paint squares on a grid and hunt for Toshiba’s cuddly Pala-Chan mascot. Mobile phone players followed the action on the billboard and used the number keys on their handsets to control the game’s paint brushes, while YouTube players on computers used the arrow keys on their keyboards.”

I can’t say if the strategy was a success but it is really an innovative  way of doing advertising and using media convergence. But of course this has a strong cultural relationship with Japanese society.


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One response to “Video Games & Mobile Ads

  1. Great post Jay Pee!

    We’ve got a lot to learn (at least those on my age), just observing experiments like the Toshiba terminal board game.

    Even though it was a simple basic painting challeng, I found myself cheering for the bown paint!

    Good stats and charts – helps a lot understand the present times as they are changin …

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