Japanese Outdoor Media Innovations

Japan is one of the leading countries in Media Innovations. This is easy to see on the amount of new materials and strategies developed to create media presented in advertising reports and marketing reviews.


A great place to see this innovations are at the Subway that holds a large variety of advertising formats. Such as the one below presented by Japan Marketing News Blog.

Here is a part of the article :

Japanese printing companies have started offering advertisers the ability to display moving pictures on paper advertisements.

The above ad announces the debut of a new mascara from Lancome that uses a vibrating applicator brush. The poster is made from electronic paper—a technology that allows paper to be written and rewritten repeatedly. So what you’re looking at is essentially a paper poster hanging from the ceiling of a subway train in which the image changes.

Similarly some train stations are now equipped with poster banks for electronic paper ads that can refresh with new images at specific intervals. If you’re an advertiser and you rent the space, you can replace the ad whenever you want while sitting right at your office desk, since the wall frames are connected to PHS phone networks that tap into the internet.

Another great example of using space in the Subway Station and creating some kind of interaction of the brand with the consumers are the gift wall such as used by the Ipod Nano and Canon. (Pictures and info from Ping Mag)

Ipod Nano

image image

image image



image image


But using the walls are not enough, so why not use every little space to do advertising, here are some examples from Ping Mag also.

The floor:


The pillars:


The ticket gates:


The escalator


And of course inside the subway





But this last one is one of my favorites – a tunnel print animation – incredible.



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3 responses to “Japanese Outdoor Media Innovations

  1. だいすけべい

    That’s crazy! It’s like the buildings are made out of ads! I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground from that last vid :O

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  3. it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded “

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