Media Innovation in Retail: I AM BACK

So the new Iphone just got released with the new OS5 and Siri also next week we will see the new Android OS and the new Nexus (Google’s  flagship phone) from Samsung , that’s  kind of exciting., I still believe that we are far behind with true innovations in Communication Technologies that can effectively change people’s life. The major problems is that the market is still focusing in creating better hardware and software, and less about integration, but there is a trend of people creating exciting new solutions for retail and other business., Below is a excerpt from an article os CScout Japan – Click for original article

109 Men’s department store in Shibuya has gone hi-tec with it’s shopping experience by introducing digital interactive clothes hangers to one of it’s shops. The hangers, from Japanese company Team Lab, interact with digital displays above the products, triggering certain images and videos to be played when the hangers are picked up by a shopper.

The hangers look the same as a normal hanger but with a larger middle area which contains an embedded RFID chip. When handled by the shopper the hanger’s chip sends a signal to a computer which controls specific displays around the store corresponding to the position of that hanger.

In the shop we tried it out in, the display infront of the item automatically changed to display the product as well as other items that might go with it. The hanger can also be programmed to change the store’s background music, lighting and any other visuals programmed.

This interactive visual merchandising not only catches the eye of the consumer and drives through further purchasing through recommendations, but also logs details and aggregates data as to how popular an item is or how effective its positioning is in store. It is also a particularly unobtrusive form of marketing that blends in with the shop itself adding to the shoppers experience in a far more natural way.

If you want to see more trends in Communication Technologies Innovation read my article about the U- Japan – Click Here

Algo this is my first post after more then a 2 years hiatus, hope to engage with new J-writers and professionals, also my goals have changed… but I will talk about that later.


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