Is this advertising?

I truly believe that we have become a developed society because we manage to harness our creativity in a constructive way, and that we are social beings, addicted to connections, just see the popularity of SNS over the world. So when I saw the latest Ad for the Motorola Photon at Japantrends I was completely blown away.

Here is an excerpt of their article, put you should really read the original one:Japantrends

Featuring a masked Naohiro Ukawa, the man behind the online nightclub DOMMUNE that streams to thousands each night, the film uses the same platform idea. Different people around Tokyo are drawn into a DOMMUNE style broadcast (on the Motorola device, naturally), where Ukawa asks us to question how we associate our lives in terms of wealth. The narrative comes from the actor and writer Shimoda Kageki, considered a leading commentator of Japanese culture, and the piece features more than 20 of the countries most interesting figures right now across all areas including fashion, music, architecture and design. The short documentary style piece is shot and directed by Shouda Yukihero, who we introduced you to earlier last month with his post apocalyptic film Blind.


And my question is what is abundance for you guys? I will probably do a part two about this.


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