Hi, call me JP, I’m an American guy, born in Boston, living in São Paulo, Brazil, working as marketing manager at a Barter company

So “WHY JAPAN?” well, December 2006 I had the opportunity to visit Japan, spent month and a half in Nagoya, Osaka, Nara and Nagano (Sorry No Tokyo yet) and I fell in love with the country.

So I’m planning to go back to study Media Convergence in Japan through a scholarship granted by MEXT, and this is just the beginning of the story…


So I am leaving my old description up just to people know where I am coming from, I am not in Japan, not studying Media Convergence (at least not in school) and I am not living in São Paulo Brazil anymore.

A lot of things have changed in my life, I am living in Los Angeles California, working in a Social Network called Quepasa as a Social Media Marketing Assistant, did some Marketing courses in UCLA, and I want to do more, and who knows where I am going from here.

And yes I still want to go to Japan… can someone help me?


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  1. So, are you gonna come to Tokyo next time?

    The biggest (and best) city in the world!

  2. JP, I just ran across your site via JapanSoc and like what I’m seeing – you’ll love living in Japan!

    Please consider joining others who write about Japan at http://japansoc.org – , help promote your site and learn about other great sites at the same time. New members are always welcome.

  3. Konnichiwa!
    I hope your dream will come true and you can stay in Japan! Good luck!

  4. JP – just a bit of friendly Japanese advice. Your site’s title is “Take Me 2 Japan” with the translated subtitle 「日本に私を取る」. You could make that subtitle better. First, “take me to Japan” sounds like a request, so the verb should be conjugated as a request or a command, not as the infinitive. (If you stick with 取る, it’d be 取って or 取れ.) I recommend that you don’t use 取る, though. Using 連れて行く would be much more appropriate, as it means “to take someone (somewhere).” So, that’d be 連れて行って or 連れて行け, depending on the tone you’re shooting for. Just trying to be helpful.

  5. Nice site! Though I have to ask – is the Japanese in the title intentionally wrong? 日本に私を取る doesn’t make sense…

  6. JP – here are 2 ways to do it.

    1) “Take me to Japan!” (Command.)

    2) “Take me to Japan?” (Request.)

    I think that’s right. 😉

  7. Hi JP!

    I’m curious about the Japanese as well as the Brazillian blogosphere and was hoping that you could help me out!

    What I need to get my head around is:

    1. Which are the biggest blog networks in Japan
    2. Which are the biggest blog networks Brazil?

    Looking forward hearing from you!


    • Blog networks?
      You Mean like Blogger and WordPress?

      Here in Brasil Blogger is very popular, some people use WordPress, but blogger is the king. There is also some different systems like IGlog.

      In Japan I’ve read that FC2 and Ameba are mostly because of the Mobile Interface. I believe Mixi also has a blogging system, so you can bet on it.

  8. It was just announced that the 2016 Olympics will be hosted by Rio De Janeiro.
    I was hoping it would’ve been Tokyo.


  9. Joshua Sum

    Hello JP

    I’m a student from Singapore Management University currently doing a course titled “Digital Media across Asia”. We study social media and her effects and I’d like to ask if you would be willing to do an interview with us on the social media scene in Japan.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Joshua Sum

  10. Mauro

    The japanese grammar discussion reminded me of the “Romans go home” part in “Life of Brian”.

  11. Hi, JP
    I´m a researcher (from Rio de Janeiro) and I´m looking for a Japanese social network specifically for a exploration. Could u help me?

  12. Hi JP,

    I would like to apply for a fellowship programme to do a research on Japanese blogoshere, but feel a bit lost. Could I ask you for a piece of advice? If that’s OK with you could you please send me your email address or skype or anything to contact you.

    Hope you will help me with this.


  13. Nathália

    Hello JP, I’m Brazilian and I live in Sao Paulo 😀
    I want to know, if u know about some Advertising University in Japan, or any way to study something related this?

    I hope you can tell me, I really want to go to Japan!

    Thank You!

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